God be the reason (GBTR) is comprised of individuals with the common goal of Giving God the Glory.

We have committed to the journey of building a  personal relationship with God vowed to the mission of Giving God the Glory. We have taken the steps to not only acknowledge but share how extraordinary God continues to be. Given this mission "G Be The Reason" we are offering to share our reasons  we give God the glory with you.

GBTR is a movement spreading throughout the world by concerts, plays, conferences and  speaking engagements. We are currently in pursuit of 501(c)3 status to form the God be the reason foundation "365 days of Giving God the Glory."  The scope is as broad as its topic-God.  

"G Be The Reason" is on a mission to encourage the world to share their reasons every moment of every day.  The GBTR movement will acknowledge the blessings of God and together we will share his blessings with others.  The ultimate goal is to point to the hope for those who feel hopeless.

Proceeds from the Godbethereason.com  will help fund and maintain the GBTR Foundation.

Please join the journey support the mission and become a part of the movement and share with others how good, how great, and how wonderful God has been to you.

Please fill out the contact page for arranging speaking engagements. With the subject line GBTR SPEAKING.. Thank you. G BE THE REASON.